Be soothed

A simple and fast acting way to alleviate the nagging pain and discomfort of an ulcer.

Natural healing mouth ulcer patch

The dissolvable patch quickly sticks to the sore spot, allowing healing while you’re on the go. The patch is effective in relieving the pain by instantly forming a soft protective barrier between the ulcer and bacteria, helping to prevent infection and further soreness. Be soothed patches cushions the ulcer against food and drink. And they don’t just soothe mouth ulcers. They can also help relieve cheek bites, and cuts and scratches from braces and dentures. This handy pack contains 30 individually wrapped patches. Simply place the patch over the mouth ulcer or sore spot and allow it to dissolve.

Quantity: 30
Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl cellulose, PVP-vinylacetate copolymer, glycerol, clove bud oil, potassium sorbate, iron oxide(red), titanium dioxide
Warnings: Avoid touching the patch with your tongue as it may dislodge. Avoid eating and drinking for 30 minutes after application. Application may be repeated after several hours, with no more than 4 patches in 24 hours. Suitable for children over 6 years of age with adult supervision. Do not use on major mouth ulcers or herpes. Do not apply to burns or deep/infected wounds. If ulcer persists more than 5 days consult a dentist, doctor or pharmacist. Store in a cool, dry place.